Elios 2 drone inspection of confined spaces @Indaver Antwerp

Medexon performed a drone inspection of several confined spaces during the shutdown of the second production line at Indaver Antwerp, a leader in sustainable industrial waste management. Medexon used the Elios 2 drone from Flyability (www.flyability.com) to investigate the different assets (chimney, dioxin filters and ducts, …). High resolution footage revealed several damages resulting in immediate repair actions. These safe, reliable, efficient and cost saving inspections clearly created an added value to the Indaver team offering a fast root cause analysis avoiding unscheduled shutdowns in the near future. The mission was very well prepared with the Indaver maintenance and shutdown team. The inspection flights were done in great collaboration with people from Indaver following the operations on a second monitor. The Indaver team estimated a reduction of time of 75% versus a classical inspection. (www.indaver.com)

Download here the case “Elios 2 drone inspection of confined spaces @Indaver Antwerp”