Industrial inspections & applications with high performance drones

High-end solutions for industrial inspections in confined spaces, complex indoor constructions and outdoor facilities using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

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Feet on the ground, eyes in the sky!

Medexon is specialized in providing high quality solutions utilizing drones. We use them to facilitate safe and efficient industrial inspections and applications. Our pilots are class 1a pilots and VOL-VCA certified.

Our drones are engineered to perform highly demanding tasks in difficult environments. The application of drones in industrial environments brings multiple added values such as:

  • Increased safety for your workers
  • Much easier access
  • Fast cycle time
  • Avoiding or reducing the use of scaffolds, climbers, overall reduction of labour time
  • Fast root cause analysis
  • Reducing shutdown time
  • Safety assessment before entering
  • Avoiding manual inspection in certain areas
  • Delivering high quality data (visuals, infrared, UT wall thickness measurements, …)
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