Industrial inspections with the use of drones

Traditional inspections of areas difficult to reach are expensive and time consuming and sometimes even not possible.

The drone technology however has tremendously evolved and uses high definition cameras offering realtime images for immediate analysis while staying safely on the ground. In addition, hot spots can be revealed using infrared technologies.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs allow you to safely and quickly check the status of the inspected structure. They also help you to identify defects, leakage, and corrosion issues, without having to invest in additional personnel and equipment.

All aerial images and videos are geotagged and can be processed through special software like Pix4Dmapping for analysis and 3D maps.

Inspection of structures at industrial plants

Rooftop inspections

Flare stack and chimney 360° inspections throughout normal operating conditions

image 360 inspection M600 Pro - Medexon

360° inspection of transmission towers

image 360 inspection M600 Pro - Medexon