Confined space inspection

Inspection of confined spaces remains a risky and time consuming procedure.

Our specialised drone engineered for indoor applications in the most difficult environments,

helps you to perform a safe and reliable inspection without the need of people entering the confined space.

The Elios 2 drone is crash tolerant due to the protecting cage, fits in most manholes (min. diameter of 42 cm) and is equipped with 10.000 lumen of led light to operate in complete darkness.

This advanced drone technology also allows you to inspect high spaces and avoids or reduces the use of scaffolds, ropes and climbers.

The UAV delivers 4k video footage for realtime analysis and post-inspection investigation and 3D reconstructions using the Flyability Inspector platform and the Pix4Dmapper software. Infrared footage is captured continuously during the flight.

The drone, Elios 2, developed by the company Flyability ( can be used in a wide variety of applications!

It saves you time and money and keeps your workers safe!

Inspection of a tank’s weldings


Pressure vessel inspection


Inspection in pipes

Boiler room inspection


Inside inspection of a chimney/smokestack


Inspection of a ship’s ballast tank

Inspection of a sewer