Industrial inspections and applications with drones, indoor, outdoor and confined spaces

Medexon is a drone company, dedicated to deliver full blown drone services, end-to-end, from concept to integration and execution. We support solutions for indoor, outdoor and confined spaces.

Today, drones are capable of performing different kind of industrial inspections. They are equipped with different types of sensors such as high resolution cameras, infrared cameras, ultrasound sensors for wall thickness measurements, sensors for ambient air analysis, lidar lasers sensors for 3D modelling and much more.

Data generated by the sensors are sent in realtime to the groundstation for immediate analysis.

Increase your efficiency and save costs

At Medexon, we have EASA certified  pilots and are VOL-VCA certified.  Through our partnership with the TÜV SÜD Benelux, we can operate compliant with the VCA* regulation. Combined with a lean six sigma blackbelt certification, we integrate our drone services seamlessly into your existing workflows. On top, we hold a Level 1 certification in Thermography.

Nowadays, drone technology should be embraced to increase your efficiency, the safety of your employers and co-workers and save costs!

Get in touch with us today so we can explore the possibilities and applications together.

Our goal is to become your innovative and trusted partner!

Dirk Caestecker
Managing Director