Drones in energy facilities

At Medexon we are active in multiple energy domains to perform efficient and reliable inspections of the infrastructure.

Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs or drones are equipped with powerful zoom cameras allowing us to stay at a safe distance of the infrastructure minimizing the risk of interference.

With the drone technology you can avoid using traditional methods like boom lifts, sky climbers or rope technicians and as such save time and money.

In windmill inspections you can reduce the downtime significantly. The drones are engineered to perform a fully automated 360° inspection delivering high resolution images and videos of the infrastructure.

High-voltage electricity pylons and cables can be inspected from a safe distance with semi-automated drone flights providing superior image quality revealing the smallest details. The inspection can be combined with an infrared measurement to discover hot spots.

Inspection of solar panels, parks and power plants can be done by using our drones equipped with thermography sensors.

All inspections offer high resolution footage for immediate visual analysis or detailed processing afterwards.


Windmill inspections

M600 windmill check

Inspection of power plants, high-voltage cables and pylons

Inspection of solar panels and parks with infrared cameras